Cleaning is dirt simple: just get rid of the dirt.

The trouble is, that's not always how people clean. We use cloths and mops to pick up the dirt, and in the process, those cloths and mops also get dirty. If we re-use them without cleaning them properly, we just push the dirt around again. So people started focusing on cleaning the cloths and mops better, but that just started to get more and more complicated.

Until now. Ecogent Microfibre is also dirt simple: it gets rid of the dirt on surfaces, and in cloths and mops. Ecogent completes the circle. Start with a clean micofibre cloth or mop, plus Ecogent, and effectively remove dirt from your building's surfaces. Then put the dirty cloths and mops in another pail or in a washing machine, along with Ecogent. Ecogent Microfibre removes the soil from the cloths and mops, and keeps it from going back on them when you squeeze them out.

Then you start cleaning again, but with clean cloths and mops. It's dirt simple. Sustainable cleaning. Except the dirt leaves the picture, so you can't just push it around again. Makes sense. And Ecogent Microfibre works so well it can handle all your laundry as well as all your surfaces.

Use ECOgent to replace cleaning with disinfecting detergents. Antimicrobial stewardship programs support the restricted use of antimicrobials.