Organic Cleaning followed by Disinfection when needed to Protect Public Health

PCS has a family of organic cleaning solutions that are designed to be safe. Many have insufficient health risk to be classified as hazardous under WHMIS. We have developed cleaning processes that effectively remove soil and prevent spreading contamination from cleaning and can clean to a scientific standard proposed by the world Federation of Building Service Contractors.

Our goal is to clean without disturbing or changing the natural microbial micro flora in our environment.

PCS Organic Cleaning
Sometimes it is necessary to remove residual organic microflora to protect public health. Our process includes safe and effective physical removal of soil followed by oxidizing remaining organic micro flora where required to protect public health. Our Organic Cleaning and Oxidizing processes removes residual micro flora sometimes described as biofilms. When microbial contamination attach to surfaces they are far more resistant to chemical disinfectants. PCS organic cleaning followed by oxidizing provides for the removal of organic soils including attached microbial microflora with low potential for encouraging the development antibiotic resistant micro organisms.

PCS offers EPA-registered Disinfectant Cleaners for use on hard nonporous environmental surfaces in health care facilities, institutions, schools and the hospitality industries.